DVLA Provide Full Assistance In Getting Impermanent Driving License

It is illegal to take your car out on the road without the proper document. The main requirement for driving a car is a valid driving license that will enable you to drive the car on the road without any legal harassment. When you are in the UK and want to get your first driving license, then you have to apply it online through DVLA. DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency that is operated completely by the UK Government.  The body deals with anything related to the car such as tax, license, and other things. Contact DVLA for applying for your first temporary driving license.

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Apply Online

You can now get your provisional driving license for any type of vehicle whether a moped, car or motorcycle online from DVLA. For the application make sure that you use your Gateway ID of Government. If you do not have then, you need to register, and you will be given an ID as your application part. For filling the form accurately fill up the form step by step and make sure that you provide all the information in the form properly so that you do not face problem afterward.


There are some eligibility criterions to get your impermanent driving license online for motorcycle, car or moped.

  • The foremost requirement is that you have to be a resident of Great Britain.
  • You must be of minimum age when the license will be issued.
  • Eyesight requirement must be meet up.
  • You must have a valid passport of UK or any other government issued photo ID proof.
  • You should be residing in the address for 3years that you will provide in the application form.

Once you meet these eligibility criterions, you can proceed to make the online application, and your license will arrive within one week.

Time Of Application

You can apply for the temporary driving license once you reach the age of 15years 9months. You will be eligible to drive a four-wheeler when you become 17 years and for riding a moped or a squad bike that has to be the light you have to attain the age of 16. Your license will only tell you when you will be able to start driving various vehicles. When you apply online to DVLA for the provisional driving license, you have to pay 34pounds, and if you apply by post, then you have to pay 43pounds.

Give Your Personal Data Properly

When you make an online application for the provisional license for driving your favorite car, you will agree that you give the permission to DVLA to check your personal data including the National Insurance number. DVLA will then proceed further to confirm your details with DWP that is Department of Work and Pensions and with HMRC that is HM Revenue and Customs. After you are done with the application procedure, you will receive a confirmation email from DVLA. You may be asked to take part in the research through email by DVLA but have the option to opt out of it. So wait for one week for getting your license and drive safely on the road when you take your car out on the road.

Smartphone Driving License Reported To Be DVLA’S Next Initiative

Digital license on smartphones!!!Sounds interesting? That’s what DVLA is next planning for. Chief executive Oliver Morley a few months back uploaded a prototype on Twitter which revealed the authority’s initiatives to start with digital driving license based on smartphones. Now Motorists can easily store their license digitally on their smartphones without having to carry the plastic license card each time. This seems to relief the drivers from carrying the card and retaining it safely since the loss of the same can create huge problems. On the other hand smartphone, digital license will be stored on the phone itself without any tension of getting lost.


Prototype Uploaded With Iphone As An Illustration

The prototype uploaded uses an Apple iPhone as a smartphone example. It further depicts a card which resembles the current license being stored in the app Apple wallet. This is an app which most iPhone users are quite familiar with and have already used them for storing their tickets, credit cards and boarding passes specifically for ApplePay. This move of DVLA seems like the authority’s intention to keep on moving with the phase of digitalization ruling the world. The overview of the move also seems to be of great help for the drivers on a whole.

Smartphones: The Storehouse Of Your Personal Documents

Smartphones now rule the mobile world. From Windows to iOS to Androids, you get a number of software options to help you out with your needs. While a number of phones have come up in the market with better configurations and storage memory; storing vital information on the phone has common a great practice these days. People now store details about their debit and credit cards, insurances and other personal information on the phone. Also, these cards are used often to make payment online using the phone. From such a point of view, this move of DVLA seems quite indicative of the steps the agency is aiming with vehicle registration in this mobile secure world.

Digitalization Of Licenses Seem Logical Says Analyst Ben Wood

Smartphones which you use for gaming, music, and conversation, have got something more in store to help you with, and DVLA tends to exploit this potential to the fullest. Analyst working with DVLA-Ben Wood said BBC that the organization is working on the framing of digital licenses which they plan to come up with soon. He further added that since most people in the UK carry a smartphone with them, digitalization of licenses seems to be a logical step capable of offering numerous benefits.

Digital License Will Not Replace But Compliment The Current Plastic Card License

In 2015, the driving license paper counterpart was scrapped as the Government’s movement to control and lower red tape. Auto Express has reported that DVLA said it is the ridding drivers of the counterpart licenses who made the project successful. The agency also said that the license it is left with after the counterpart’s death would not become obsolete too. So while you will be availing digital license, they will not be replacing the current plastic license cards you have but will just be complementing them. However, this digitalization of license being just an idea proposed, when it will actually be offered to the clients is still not know. But keeping this digitalization phase into concern, it can rightly be said that after a few days this digitalization of personal documents will go even beyond the driver license and banking details, and that is not far away.

Now Get All Types Of Support From Your DVLA Number

Getting support for your car is essential in some of the cases. You need to get different types of supports for the DVLA and even can get different high-end notifications regarding your driving license and number plate. Here are some of the important things that you can find with a DVLA number. You will like to get a note of them and find the right help from there.


Get SORN Details

The first help that you can get through a DVLA number is to get the details of the SORN. You might be away from your locations, and your car might be on theroad, at that time. That must be noted to the appropriate authority so that you can get rid of the different calamities if your car is stolen during that time. This is not only helpful during the time of thetheft, but in thecase of the home insurance too. Your home along with the assets are insured, and you are going to get paid for every damage in those assets, where you have no fault. When you register with the SORN, that indicates you were out of the town, and that is essentially a proof that you were not doing anything with your car. To enlist your car with SORN, you can take the help of the DVLA contact number.

Get Driving License Details

If you are tracing someone and have forgotten his or her driving license number, the DVLA number plate is going to resolve the issue. The situation can be anything. You might be looking to help someone, while he or she is trying to launch a Diary before police for the missing driving license. You can help him or her in the best possible way, while you have the DVLA number details. When you put the number in the different DVLA details sites, you will get the driving license visible over there. So, that is a perfect solution to the issue.

Address Change Support

In certain cases, you will like to know whether a client has changed his or her address any time or not. You can easily trace out that with the help of the DVLA numbers. The number is going to give you the perfect support for the addresses of that client. The first address that was there for the user of the DVLA number and all the addresses that are changed can be traced out from there. If you are willing to change the address of yours, that is attached to the driving license, then also get the support from the app. If you need any further assistance, you can give a call directly to the DVLA contact number. The expert’s team will assist you in the aspect.

Share Your Driving License

You can even share your driving license for a certain phase of time, using the online portal regarding the DVLA. There you can assign any person, who is 18+ and is residing in the UK. Thus the DVLA portfolio of anyone is vital and so make that mandatory for yourself. One who will be benefited out of that is none but you alone. So, stop delaying and hold an account with DVLA today.

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